Yamaha G19 G22 48 volt battery charger is light and quiet

This small, automatic Yamaha G19 G22 48 volt battery charger  – 5 amp –  with its 2 pin “Binocular” Style Plug Connector is lighter and quieter.

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Yamaha G19 G22 48 volt battery charger

Run your cart during the day and charge your batteries at night

Safe and reliable the Yamaha 48 volt battery charger runs super quietly and cool. It will slowly trickle charge your lead acid batteries, prolonging your battery life and giving you added performance at a great price..

It’s so light and compact you can carry it with you and charge anywhere and anytime.

The Yamaha G19 G22 48 volt battery charger operating in the manual mode will not harm your battery pack.

Yamaha G19-G22 48 volt battery charger



This Yamaha golf cart 48 volt battery charger is for the those cart operators that run their carts during the day and can put them up on charge for all night charging.

It’s designed to turn off when the voltage of the battery pack reaches a certain level.

You’ll just have to manually disconnect the charger if it hasn’t automatically shutoff in 14 hours.

This charger will run on any 110 – 120 volt / 60 hz outlet – common household outlets..

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Keeps your batteries in tip-top condition at a great price. Featuring two LED lights, this Yamaha G19 G22 48 volt battery charger informs you on the charging status.

This Yamaha G19 G22 48 volt battery charger comes pre-configured with a ‘Yamaha Nabson’ style connector plug. Please verify that the connector you see in the picture matches the receptacle on your cart.

Positive Customer Feedback for this Yamaha G19 G22 48 Volt Battery Charger

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“It gets the job done. No failures. It’s a use “everyday” charger and if you do that, it’ll work just fine”

Yamaha G19 G22 48 volt battery charger

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