“Save a Battery” 2365-36 36-Volt Battery Charger Maintainer 

This 36 volt battery charger maintainer charges and maintains golf cart batteries with fast-acting pulsing technology.

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battery charger maintainer

36 volt battery charger maintainer

The “Save A Battery” 36 Volt Battery Charger Maintainer charges, rejuvenates and extends battery life the longer it is plugged in.

The battery maintainer charger is lightweight, compact and easy to transport and, it comes with a 2-foot 5-Amp battery terminal lug cable, a 6-foot alligator clip cable and, a 10-foot AC power input cable.

There’s also a mounting bracket for permanent wall or vehicle installation.



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The 36 volt battery maintainer is safe to use, with over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit and reverse polarity protection.

Its unique modular cable design offers a variety of connectors and lengths, and can be changed quickly and easily.

The “Save A Battery” 36-Volt Battery Charger Maintainer has a 50-Watt output that will charge a dead battery fast.

The solid-state microprocessor technology provides the golf cart battery maintainer unit with twice the output and efficiency of older chargers that use transformer technology.  This means less heat, less energy, and a greener world. Once the battery is charged, the unit switches modes to maintain and monitor optimal performance levels while extending its life by years.

battery charger maintainer will extend your golf cart's batteries lofeEquipped with features to keep you and your vehicle safe, the battery maintainer charger is very easy to set up and use.

It won’t cause sparks when you connect it to your vehicle, and will alert you if it has been connected in reverse polarity. Over-current, over-voltage and short-circuit protection are also included. The bright LED bank makes it easy to monitor charging mode, connection status, and overall golf cart battery health.

The Save A Battery 36-Volt Battery Charger Maintainer also features an innovative modular cable design that makes it easy to connect to any battery or vehicle.

Battery Charger Maintainer 36 Volt

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You can choose to connect with the 5-   Amp battery terminal lug cable or the alligator clip cable. Even the AC power cable is          modular and removable. All cables come with gold-plated connectors that are suited for      long cable runs and improved reliability in harsh environments.

In addition, the bright yellow cable jacket is easy to see, and helps eliminate accidental  disconnects.

Positive Customer Feedback for this battery charger maintainer

Source: Amazon Reviews…


  • “I have had it over two years and so far my golf cart batteries are fine.”


  • “I use this for my golf cart and it keeps the batteries fully charged.”


  • “Works exactly as described. I keep it connected to my golf cart when cart is not in use and it keeps the batteries charged. I use a regular cart charger to bring batteries to full charge after a round of golf. Then, “Save A Battery” maintains the charge till I use cart again.”


  • ” I am a very satisfied customer who would recommend this to anyone who needs to maintain a battery in a vehicle, that is in storage for an extended time.” 

Disadvantages of the battery charger maintainer:Battery Charger Maintainer 36 Volt 4

In our research most of the customer feedback was very positive. However, we did come across a few people who were saying the following…



  • “This is not an overnight charger”


  • “Returned the first one to Amazon who quickly sent a new one and picked up the old. “


Save a Battery 2365-36 36-Volt Battery Charger Maintainer’s Dimensions:

13.5 x 8.2 x 3.6 inches

Warranty: 12 months limited warranty from manufacturer.



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