This Yamaha 48 volt battery charger is better than others !

This Yamaha 48 volt battery charger is designed and manufactured in the USA  and fits electric Yamaha G19/22 with 2 pin connector.

Yamaha 48 volt battery charger

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The Accusense Intelligent Microprocessor Controlled Multi-Stage Charge Algorithm has a patented selector that allows the user to charge most lead-acid batteries.

The weatherized construction of the Yamaha 48 volt battery charger ensures reliability and it outperforms 25A rated tapered type chargers !




This Yamaha charger will also maintain your battery packs voltage after it is 100% charged. That means a longer battery life.

A truly “smart” Yamaha 48 volt battery charger that will charge your batteries when as low as 4 volts when other “smart” chargers need at least 80% voltage to turn the charger on.

There’s no need to worry about over charging your batteries as this charger will turn off once a 100% charge is received. But it’s intelligent enough to keep it at 100%.

This Yamaha 48 volt battery charger is the perfect battery charger for winter charging.

This state of the art DPI “Intelligent” Yamaha 48 volt battery charger has 9 ft length Input and output cords and comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Other Specifications of this Yamaha 48 volt battery charger:

• 48Vdc, 17Adc Output
• 120Vac 60Hz Input
• Output Connector Type: Yamaha 2-Pin Style Connector
• Designed/Made In USA (92% min. USA material sourced content)
• UL/CSA Listed
• No Spark Charging, Reverse Battery Protection
• 20 Amp DC Panel Meter and 5-L.E.D. Read-out
30lbs (13.5 kg), 6.25 x 6.875 x 10.25 in (159 x 175 x260 mm)

The 48 volt Yamaha golf cart charger provides a 5-Stage charging system that allows your battery to be charged and/or maintained for peak performance. The 5-Stage charging system allows the charger to analyze the charge state and condition of an individual battery or battery pack. The Yamaha 48 volt charger will then proceed with a charging sequence to refresh and recharge the battery/battery pack to achieve top performance. This unit also has a mode select field so you can choose the correct type of charging solution for your battery/battery pack.

The Mode Selector on the Yamaha 48 volt battery charger allows the user to charge most every lead-acid battery type

Optional modes:

Mode 1 – Flooded US Batteries

Mode 2 – Flooded Trojan Batteries
Mode 3 – Flooded Exide Batteries
Mode 4 – Crown/AGM Batteries

Positive Customer Feedback for this Yamaha 48 volt battery charger

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“This charger works a lot better than most that you could buy quiet does the job”

“It worked way better than the old charger on its best day.”

“Everything is working great”

“It does make my batteries much happier than any other ‘smart’ charger I tried. They get a full charge and my cart will now likely run 36 holes again.”

In our research most of the customer feedback on the 48v Yamaha golf cart charger was very positive. 


One customer said that there could have been better shipping protection”

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