Run or tow ? Switch your golf cart to “Run” anytime you are using your golf cart or charging your batteries. Only use “Tow” for long term storage if you are planning on removing the batteries. Tow / Run switches are basically kill switches designed to disable the golf cart. There are several reasons for this switch.

Located under the seat on later models of golf carts there is often a Tow/Run switch.  You should set the switch to Tow anytime you perform any maintenance on your golf cart including working on the batteries.

The tow run switches are typically found inside the battery compartment of the cart in plain sight. If your golf cart breaks down and needs to be towed, you must flip the switch form Run to Tow.

run or tow

Gol Cart Run Tow Switch

The golf cart can roll freely in this position. This helps to protect internal components such as the electric motor and controller. 

The most common component to sustain damage by towing the cart without flipping the switch is the controller.  And, they are expensive.

First thing we highly recommend you do is to unhook the main negative battery cable connection. Most people do not carry wrenches with them when using a golf cart. However even if you can use a pair of pocket pliers it is advisable to unhook the electrical connection of the batteries to the golf cart. This is an absolute must if your golf cart is a series cart.

If your cart is going to be stored for any significant period of time without being attended to or charged, you should first fully charge your batteries, and then the switch should be turned to “Tow”.

This will ensure that your charge lasts as long as possible during your absence without the controller draining them.  Depending on the length of time you are away, the batteries may still be very dead upon your return, but this process will certainly help minimize the drain.

Please note: Failure to unhook the batteries from the golf cart and failure to place the tow/run switch in the “tow” position and placing the FNR switch in the neutral position can and will lead to catastrophic expenses.

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