A Golf Cart Battery Maintenance Kit is essential
if you want to maintain your batteries’ lifespan for as long as possible

We all know that batteries are expensive and, a golf cart battery maintenance kit is essential.


Golf Cart Battery Maintenance Kit

You need four items which are specifically created to prolong the life of your golf cart’s batteries.

You should include in the Golf Cart Battery Maintenance Kit the following items:


Battery Terminal Cleaner
Battery Terminal Protector
Battery Water Fill Bottle 
and Battery Hydrometer

If you buy these four items together in the Golf Cart Battery Maintenance Kit you’ll save money over buying them separately !

How are these four items in the Golf Cart Battery Maintenance Kit used ?

Golf Cart Battery Terminal Cleaner:

To attack and loosen corrosion just spray onto the terminals.
The cleaner turns red in the presence of acid or corrosion and, it will turn yellow once any acid or corrosion are neutralized
It’s easy to clean-up – all you do is just wipe off once it’s neutralized

Golf Cart Battery Terminal Protector:

With this product all you have to do is to spray the protector on your terminals to protect the connections, cables, cable ends, wing nuts, terminal posts, and hold-downs.The Terminal Protector will provide an airtight, waterproof seal, eliminating power leakage. It won’t rinse off with water or when using detergent-based cleaners. A red color indicates that the connections have been treated.

Golf Cart Battery Water Fill Bottle:

Easy to use – just remove each battery’s cell cap, fill, then replace cap. The nozzle design helps prevent spillage and the water only flows when you push down on the spout. There’s a Sure-grip handle and the fill bottle has a 2-1/4 quart capacity. An essential item for deep cycle battery maintenance

Important Golf Cart Battery Maintenance Tip:

Always use distilled water when adding water to your batteries. In fact, tap water can shorten the life of golf cart batteries, depending on its mineral content.

Battery Hydrometer

To stay in excellent condition your battery needs to maintain the proper pH levels. The Hydrometer measures the specific gravity of the electrolytes in your golf cart to determine your battery charge condition.



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