This Schumacher 48 Volt Battery Charger
will charge your lead-acid batteries

Schumacher 48 Volt Battery Charger charges 48 Volt lead-acid batteries and is great for golf carts.

The fully automatic, microprocessor controlled charger with a 15 to 25 ampere cycling output current, includes 8 gauge, 6 feet long output cables with a polarized 50 ampere Quick-Connect connector, charger status LED indicators, a lighted on/off switch and, multi-stage charging algorithm.

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Schumacher 48 Volt Battery Charger

Schumacher INC-4825A ’25 Amp’ 48V Digital Charger

This Schumacher 48 Volt Battery Charger comes in a heavy duty steel case and has a baked enamel finish. Featuring various safety precautions like the safe start, reverse polarity and short circuit protection you can trust this charger to function properly.

The charger will not apply current to the output connector until it is properly connected and the patent pending “thermal runaway” protection stops charging if the charger detects that there is a problem with the battery.



The Schumacher 48v Charger has power saving modes that allow you to use very little power when in standby or maintain mode. It monitors the battery voltage to keep it fully charged.

Automatic temperature compensation adjusts the output voltage based on the ambient air temperature and the temperature controlled cooling fan ensures efficient operation and peak performance.

This digital charger charges 48 Volt lead-acid batteries and is perfect for golf carts.


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Automatic Charging Mode:

When an Automatic Charge is performed, the 4825A battery charger switches to the 
Maintain Mode (see below) automatically after the battery is charged.

Aborted Charge:

If charging can not be completed normally, charging will abort. When 
charging aborts, the charger’s output is shut off, and the CHARGING (yellow) LED will blink. To reset after an aborted charge, either disconnect the battery or turn off the charger.

Desulfation Mode:

If the battery is left discharged for an extended period of time, it could 
become sulfated and not accept a normal charge. If the charger detects a sulfated battery, the charger will switch to a special mode of operation designed for such batteries. If successful, normal charging will resume after the battery is desulfated. Desulfation could take 8 to 10 hours. If desulfation fails, charging will abort and the CHARGING (yellow) LED will blink.

Completion of Charge:

Charge completion is indicated by the CHARGED (green) LED. When lit, 
the charger has switched to the Maintain Mode of operation.

Maintain Mode (Float-Mode Monitoring):

When the CHARGED (green) LED is lit, the charger has started Maintain Mode. In this mode, the charger keeps the battery fully charged by delivering a small current when necessary. If the battery voltage drops below a preset level, the charger will go back into Charge Mode until the battery voltage returns to the full charge level, at which point the charger will return to Maintain Mode.

NOTE:: The charger automatically switches between Charge Mode and 
Maintain Mode as necessary. The CHARGED (green) LED will cycle on when the battery is at full charge and off when the voltage drops below a preset level and the charger goes into Charge Mode. This cycle will continue, and the CHARGED (green) LED will stay on for longer periods of time as the battery becomes more fully charged.

Power Saving Mode:

The Schumacher 48 Volt Battery Charger has an internal relay that switches the power transformer on and off automatically. This means, that the charger uses very little power when in standby mode or maintain mode.

General Charging Notes:

Fan: The charger is designed to control its cooling fan for efficient operation. Consequentially, it is normal for the fan to start and stop when maintaining a fully charged battery. Keep the area near the charger clear of obstructions to allow the fan to operate efficiently.

Here’s some Positive Customer Feedback for this Schumacher 48 Volt Battery Charger

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“Heavy duty, well made charger”

“This charger is great! I bought it for my Yamaha 48v and cut the chord before I found out there is an adapter. My gold cart shop nearby said they use the same one and its a top notch model”.

“GREAT!! Charges my golf cart from dead to full in about 3.5 hrs”

“Excellent charger for EZ GOs”.


In our research most of the customer feedback for this Schumacher 48 Volt Battery Charger was very positive.


One person said

“Had to take apart and solder a connection wire back on upon arrival. Works great after that

Another said:

“that it is not good as a float charger”

Warranty: Parts:

The Item model number is INC-4825A



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