The NOCO Genius on-board battery charger is available in 1-Bank (10 Amp) style that charges 12 volt batteries and maintains all types of lead-acid batteries from 25-230Ah, including Wet, Gel, MF, and AGM. 

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noco genius on-board battery chargerSafe for anyone to use, the Noco Genius on-board battery charger does not overcharge the battery and, does not generate sparks, while protecting against reverse battery hookup, short circuit, open circuit, and overheating.

Easy and simple to use, the Noco Genius on-board battery charger is the most advanced charger ever, featuring innovative and advanced technology. It makes important charging decisions so you don’t have to !







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Waterproof Battery Charger to obtain Amazon’s Lowest Price

The Noco Genius on-board battery charger is 100 percent waterproof and completely sealed to protect against the most extreme environments.

With Rapid Charging Technology; Noco Genius on-board battery chargers will charge batteries 2X faster than traditional battery chargers, and have a lightweight, compact design. The Noco Genius uses a thorough eight-step process to charge and maintain your battery and features a switch-mode design, resulting in a charger that’s small and lightweight.

  • First, the Noco Gen checks your battery’s voltage. It makes sure that the connections are good and that the battery is in a stable condition before beginning the charge process.
  • Second, this on-board battery charger  begins a bulk-charging process with a gentle (soft) charge. The process then continues and returns 80 percent of the battery’s capacity.
  • Next, it switches to a constant current charge rate to bring your battery close to a 90 percent charge, then charges at low current levels until the battery has reached 95 percent of its capacity. From there, the charger initiates a top-off charge to bring the battery to 100 percent.
  • Finally, the Noco Genius on-board battery charger shuts off but constantly monitors your battery by providing a gentle charge every 24 hours for maximum battery life.

Positive Customer Feedback for this Noco Genius on-board battery charger

Source: Amazon Reviews…

  • “The best charger on the market”


  • “My best online purchase ever”


  • “Great product. Installs easily. Light weight and does the job well.”


  • “I did extensive research before finally buying. This is a really nice product”


  • “This thing is awesome! It does what it says and would buy it again in a heartbeat.”


  • “I have great confidence in the way it does the charging”



Disadvantages of the on-board battery charger

In our research most of the customer feedback was very positive. However, we did come across a few people who were saying the following…

  • “It does little to indicate what it it doing. It is so smart, I guess it doesn’t think I need to know.”


  • “On a negative note, it is bigger and heavier, which makes it harder to hide.”


  • “Be ready to make one of the leads longer”


  • “The only reason we did not give this 5 starts is the price. The product itself is a great charger and has worked very well for over a year”

Warranty Period…

The Noco Genius on-board charger is backed by a three-year limited warranty.

Instructions Manual….

You can download the Noco Genius on-board battery charger Instructions Manual HERE


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