The Inexpensive Stanley Golf Cart Battery Charger 

A golf cart battery charger should be chosen with care as they can be very expensive to purchase and sometimes cost even more to repair

If the thought of your golf cart not starting conjures visions of ruined rounds, forfeited competitions and the embarrassment of cancelled business games, then you should be investing in a good golf cart battery charger. Why ? Because  battery failure is one of the most common reasons for your golf cart not starting.

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Stanley GBCPRO Golf Cart Battery Charger

Stanley GBCPRO Golf Cart Battery Charger is great value for the money.

If your batteries need maintenance, then it makes sense that you are now searching for a safe and reliable golf cart battery charger that’s not outrageously expensive.

The one we like is the Stanley GBCPRO Golf Cart Battery & Vehicle Charger.

Is this Stanley Golf Cart Battery Charger really great value for the money ?


The Stanley GBCPRO Golf Cart Battery Charger is definitely feature- packed, easy to use and not expensive. It is ideal for charging golf carts with its 6 volt to 48 volt charging capability.


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Positive Customer Feedback:

Source:  Amazon Reviews…..

“Impressive – If you need a charger for atvs, golf carts, cars or industrial equipment I would definitely recommend this one.”

“Item works great”

“A super golf cart charger”

“An affordable alternative to other golf cart chargers”

“Perfect for the golf cart”

“We liked the LED display and especially the variety of charging clamps provided.”

Source: Buggies Gone Wild Forum

“All I can say is that for the money, it is great. I use it to keep my 36v cart charged and it does a really good job”

“I really like the charger and it does a great job on my 48 volt cart.”

Disadvantages of the Stanley GBCPRO Golf Cart Battery Charger:

Our research has shown most of the customer feedback on the Stanley GBCPRO to be very positive. However,it is worth noting the following user comments…

  • One drawback to this charger is that you have to set the battery type and tell it to perform a fast charge every time you plug it in.
  • An overnight charge is usually necessary as it can be a little slow so it’s suggested that you may like to charge your golf cart batteries at night.
  • One criticism I found about the Stanley GBCPRO Battery Charger is that the charger does not remember the last battery setting. When disconnected and reconnected you have to reset the wet/gel/agm.

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The flexibility of the GBCPRO Golf Cart Battery Charger

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