Electric carts must have a golf cart tune up after a dormant winter.

When undertaking a golf cart tune up the batteries need to be checked for cracks and swelling. Sometimes a battery may freeze and crack if not properly charged during the colder months. These must be replaced. Inspect the battery cables for corrosion.

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Golf cart tune up Using an old toothbrush, apply a mild baking soda/water solution and gently clean the terminals. Sprinkle on dry baking soda to thoroughly neutralize the acid. Rinse with clean water. Replace any cables that have deteriorated ends. Damaged terminals may cause arcing, which may lead to electrical problems. Apply battery terminal protector after the terminals have been cleaned and dried.

Golf cart tune up water levels:

Check the water levels by removing the watering cap(s). The water should be visible through the ports, just covering the plates. If the water level is low, charge the batteries first and then top up with distilled water. If you fill first then charge, the water will expand and bubble over the battery bank.

Be sure your brake pedal functions smoothly and locks and unlocks with all tires braking evenly. The charger should turn on momentarily after being plugged in. If it does not, there may be a loose connection, a defective battery, or the whole bank may have discharged to the point where the charger will not turn on (in which case they might need a quick boost). Always check for the obvious first. Is there power to the charger? If there is, then there is likely a problem with the battery bank or connections.

Watch the video below on how to change the spark plugs, clean the air filter and change the oil. A golf cart tune up could save you a bundle.

It is a good idea to bring your cart up to good working condition by giving it a golf cart tune up at the beginning of Spring, to ensure you get full use and enjoyment out of it throughout the season.


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