A golf cart battery gauge is essential !

Your electric golf cart operates through powerful rechargeable batteries that allow you to drive around the golf course for hours. Golf cart batteries require constant care and maintenance procedures and essential tools such as a golf cart battery charger and golf cart battery gauge which can prevent serious battery damage and ensure durability.

36 Volt Golf cart battery gauge

Prosport 36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Meter-state of Charge Meter

Golf cart batteries best practices:

Avoid draining completely: Golf cart batteries go through regular cycles of charging and discharging. They ordinarily need around 20 to 30% of their overall energy capacity for the golf cart battery chargers to renew them efficiently. Draining your batteries below the 20 to 30% range can also cause damage to the batteries which can be expensive to replace.

Charge fully after battery is completely drained: The way a battery is cycled (charged and discharged) will significantly affect how long it can last. When the battery is dead, it must be recharged fully before its next use.

Avoid overcharging your golf cart batteries: Overcharging can cause the liquid in the battery cells to overheat and break down. Keep an eye on the charging process to prevent overcharging.

Fully charge your batteries before their first use: New batteries require an initial charging time that can take longer than subsequent charges.

Use a golf cart battery gauge: Monitoring your cart batteries’ depth of discharge is a vital step in solid golf cart battery maintenance. For this purpose, you will need a golf cart battery gauge that can readily indicate the depth of discharge (DOD) to ensure timely recharging before it completely drains. It’s an indispensable tool for older golf carts that are not yet equipped with a golf cart battery gauge.

Remove batteries when not in use for extended periods: Acid-based batteries that are not used for long periods of time can leak and cause damage. Remove your golf cart batteries from the golf cart when you anticipate long periods of non-use such as when going on long trips or in the winter season.

Other golf cart battery maintenance steps include regular checks for loose and dirty terminals, maintaining sufficient levels of water (use only distilled water) and following a golf cart battery charger guide.

Maintaining your golf cart batteries can require some investment in time as well as helpful tools such as a golf cart battery  gauge. Considering the significant improvement in durability and performance that a golf cart battery maintenance program can provide, it is an essential investment for every golf cart owner.

36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Meter-State Of Charge Meter


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