A golf cart battery desulfator is a device that cleans the internal battery plates to remove lead sulfate 

This golf cart battery desulfator is 100% made in the USA and, will extend the life of your batteries.

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golf cart battery desulfator

The Wizbang golf cart battery desulfator


The lead acid battery desulfator works with all types of lead based batteries. It should be installed as close as possible to the battery terminals.

 It has automatic voltage detection and, the wire leads can be trimmed back to work best for your particular application. First of all you should install the red wire to the positive ( ) terminal of your 6, 8 or 12 volt battery and, then install the Black wire to the negative(-) terminal on the battery.

After you’ve verified that the red LED is on, you may also be able to hear a “buzzing” noise.

The product is designed to be left connected “full-time” to the battery and, for recovery the best results will occur within the first 4 weeks and, if connected longer, desulfating will continue but at a slower pace. The Wizbang golf cart battery desulfator has a built in auto ranging feature that will automatically adjust for different battery voltages.

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Customer Feedback on the Wizbang golf cart battery desulfator:

“This desulfator is very impressive and is very effective in desulfating the plates of my battery bank” “It seem to be doing the job we purchased it for”

Disadvantages of using the Wizbang golf cart battery desulfator:

The only major drawback to this unit is that it takes time to rejuvenate a battery.


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