Golf cart battery cables provide the vital link between the battery,
load and charging system

Is it very important to remove corrosion and keep your golf cart battery cables connections tight as it is critical for the efficient and safe operation of your golf cart.

FaultyGolf cart battery cables set battery connections can lead to poor system performance, affect battery life, or damage battery components.

What are the main causes of faulty battery connections ? What practices will aide in minimizing problems that may occur ?

First of all do not over-torque. By doing so it can result in terminal post breakage, terminal post meltdown or a fire. You should clean the cable connectors and the battery terminal posts with a small stainless steel wire brush before connecting them together.

Use two half-thickness lock nuts instead of the standard hex-nut for added security in applications where high shock or vibration may be encountered.

Do not use a washer or anything that may interfere with the metal-to-metal contact between the battery terminal post and the cable connector. Check all connections periodically to make certain that they are and remain tight. Re-torque if necessary.

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What to do with corroded battery terminals:

If you find corrosion on the terminal posts, remove the golf cart battery cables from the battery and clean all mating surfaces by using a terminal post cleaning brush or a small wire brush.

Neutralize the surfaces of the cable connector and terminal post with a solution of baking soda and water and dry thoroughly.

To prevent corrosion, apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly or corrosion inhibitor to the connections after reattaching the golf cart battery cables.

Do not remove the vent caps during cleaning to prevent any cleaning solution or foreign matter from entering the battery. Finish off by wiping the top with a wet cloth. Dry the top of the battery thoroughly.

You should check the battery cable connections on the top of the batteries each month when you water your batteries:

You can see the corrosion that accumulates on the battery connection, but there is also corrosion going on in the cable under the insulation. The best way to check is to try to bend or flex the cable. Healthy golf cart battery cables will be flexible. Internal corrosion will make the cables very stiff. If the battery cables are stiff, chances are they are corroded inside and need replacing.

Improper Connector Assembly:

Connectors that are mechanically crimped to the cable’s end will create a high resistance area. At high discharge rates, this resistance can create enough heat to melt the terminal post on the battery and/or melt the adjacent insulation on the cable. If allowed to continue the high temperature will be transferred to the terminal post through the connector and eventually a melting down of the terminal will occur.It is therefore highly recommended that connectors not only be mechanically crimped but also soldered to the cable’s end.

Do not use undersized golf cart battery cables:

Golf cart battery cables should be sized to properly handle the expected load. Undersized cables can lead to an unacceptable voltage drop and/or increased cable temperature.

Faulty connection can negatively affect the performance of a battery system and is the leading cause of most battery terminal post meltdowns. By sizing the correct cable, using properly assembled cable connectors, and practicing good maintenance habits, the potential for a problem to occur can be greatly minimized.

Golf cart battery cable sets:

Golf cart battery cables can be purchased at on-line golf cart parts stores like, Amazon, as a set of 5 for around $20. Some places will sell them as a single cable. The cables are available as 6 gauge or as 4 gauge.

These golf cart battery cables are specific to a golf cart make, model and year. You will also need to know if you have a set of 36 volt batteries or 48 volt. 

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