This Club Car 36 Volt Charger with Crowfoot Connector
is truly a smart charger

Have your batteries always ready with this Club Car 36 volt charger.  It’s a DS 36 volt 18 amp Accusense Intelligent charger with Crowfoot Handle.

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Club Car 36 Volt Charger

Club Car 36 Volt Charger with Crowfoot Connector

Made in the USA, the fully automatic, 5 stage golf cart battery charger outperforms 35A rated tapered type chargers.

It has 9 ft length Input and output cords and a Club Car Crowfoot 2-pin blade connector. It has 6Vdc 18Adc Output and 120Vac 60 Hz Input.



The charger is designed to maintain your battery pack’s voltage even after it’s 100% charged.

This leads to a longer battery life as well as not overcharging the batteries as it goes into maintenance mode once full charge is reached.

With reverse battery protection, the Intelligent Microprocessor Controlled Multi-Stage Charge Algorithm is for use with various lead acid battery types.

This is a truly smart charger. It’s construction ensures reliability and, the charger is great for Winter or to have your batteries always ready.

In fact, it will charge your batteries with as low as 4 volts.

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Club Car 36 Volt Charger with Crowfoot Connector

Warranty: 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

What other golf cart owners are saying about this Club Car 36 volt Charger with Crowfoot Connector:
Amazon Reviews…

“It’s a good charger for the price, quiet and automatic”

“This charger met my expectations”

“I like everything about this charger. It does exactly everything as advertised. Plug it in and forget it. It is totally automatic and will not over charge the batteries”

“Great charger for the price”

Disadvantages of the Club Car 36 volt Charger:

In our research most of the customer feedback was very positive. However, we did come across a few people who were saying the following…

“The indicating lights are hard to see during daytime”

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