The BatteryMinder 12248 battery charger maximizes cycle performance
of all three types of lead-acid storage batteries

The BatteryMinder 12248 is definitely one of the better valued battery chargers on the market today and,is an ideal choice for handling your 12 volt battery charging requirements with no over charging. 

This is an excellent unit for all sizes and types of lead acid batteries including flooded (filler caps), maintenance-free sealed AGM and Gel, regardless of size, type or brand. In fact, up to 200% faster charging than conventional constant voltage chargers.

The BatteryMinder 12248 restores older batteries
that are noticeably declining in performance caused by sulfation.

BatteryMINDER 12248 has a built-in desulfator:

The 3-stage smart microprocessor-controlled BatteryMINDER 12248 has a built-in desulfator that automatically dissolves harmful power-robbing, life-shortening sulphation using safe high-frequency sweep pulse technology. 

Average Rating Overall

BatteryMinder 12248

  • It will safely charge any size/type or brand of 12V lead-acid battery, including wet, dry-sealed gel, AGM and maintenance-free spiral types
  • There’s Overcharge Protection
  • Polarity Reversal Protection
  • Charges Multiple Batteries – Qty 6
  • Trickle Charge Amps: 200m-4
  • Works With: 12V lead-acid battery
  • A 6 ft power cord
  • Power Source: 120V
  • Maintains: Yes
  • Amps: 2, 4, 8

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What are other golf cart owners saying
about the BatteryMinder 12248 ?

Source: Amazon Reviews…

” The batteries seem to last a long time after I charge them. This product seems to be living up to the claims and ratings. I am impressed.”

‘The benefits of the BatteryMinder 12248 are outstanding”

Top Notch Battery Charger with the  BatteryMINDer 12248  charging and maintaining up to six batteries at a time with full-time desulfation”

“Biggest and best of the BatteryMinders”

” If you understand battery charging, this is the device you’ll want for most batteries. The BatteryMINDER is not expensive and, is easy to hook up.”

“The BatteryMinder 12248 greatly extends the service life of lead-acid batteries”

” I all ready have saved a battery, I have told many of my customers about this product. I am very happy with the purchase, delivery, and quality of my purchase. Amazon has it all at a great price.”

“This is the one to get if you are considering the Brand “BatteryMinder”.

“Excellent charger/ desulfator”

“Best charger I’ve owned – It works exactly as claimed. It’s an excellent charger and will charge and/or maintain just about any size 12 volt lead acid battery you want. I’ve used it on motorcycle batteries, starting batteries, dual purpose batteries and deep cycle batteries. Some of these are flooded cells others are AGM. It works well on everything I’ve tried.”



 Disadvantages of the BatteryMinder 12248 …

In our research most of the customer feedback was very positive. However, we did come across a few people who were saying the following:

“One customer stated that the previous settings are lost on power outage and, he didn’t want to check this unit every day to make sure it’s set and functioning properly, which makes it a bit of a hassle for any long-term battery charge/maintenance needs.”

 “Would be nice to have a digital readout with lcd screen with data”

Only downside is it does not do 24v, so have to do one battery at a time, or parallel them” 


BatteryMinder 12248 Instructions Manual…

You can download the BatteryMinder 12248 Instructions Manual HERE

Warranty Period…

 The manufacturer warrants this product against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of retail purchase by the original end-user purchaser.

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