Using a 36 volt golf cart charger

Electric golf carts obtain power from rechargeable batteries that require proper care, maintenance and the use of an appropriate 36 volt golf cart charger for reliability.

Golf cart batteries are becoming increasingly expensive to replace, highlighting the importance of regular checks and correct battery charging procedures that minimize damage and extend battery lifespan.

36 volt golf cart chargerWhat you’ll need:

Every golf cart owner or user must have the following items on hand before charging golf cart batteries:

36 volt golf cart charger for your battery type
Baking soda
Distilled water
Post cleaner
anti-corrosion gel for batteries or petroleum jelly
Protective gloves

What to do:

1. Ensure that the 36 volt golf cart charger is compatible with the batteries installed in your golf cart. View the battery charger literature for the list of batteries that are compatible with the cart battery charger.

2. Check the fluid level of the golf cart batteries. It must be sufficient to cover the battery plates. If the fluid level is low, add enough distilled water taking care not reach the caps. Be careful not to overfill the battery with water. Overfilling can cause the water to boil during charging and damage the batteries.

3. Inspect the battery for leaks, cracks and other signs of battery damage. Replace damaged batteries and avoid charging them when you suspect a leak.

4. Keep the top of the battery and the area around it clean and dry. Using a solution of baking soda and water, clean the top of the battery.

5. Examine battery cables and posts for broken or frayed cables. Remove frayed or broken cables and coat battery terminals with anti-corrosion gel. You may also use petroleum jelly.

6. Using a wrench, tighten the batteries’ caps and replace broken or leaking caps.

7. Check the golf cart battery meter for the depth of discharge of the battery. Don’t wait for the battery to become completely drained before recharging. Golf cart battery chargers may be unable to charge dead batteries.

8. Plug the batteries into the charger and allow the batteries to be fully charged. Deep-cycle batteries ordinarily require full charging once a week.

9. Add water to the batteries after fully charging the golf cart. Charging can cause the fluid inside the battery to evaporate.

10. Golf cart batteries are often acid-based. While wearing acid-protective gloves, clean up battery leaks with a solution of baking soda and water which can neutralise the acid.

Newer models of 36 volt golf cart battery chargers are easy to use and take the guesswork out of determining when batteries are fully charged. A 36 volt golf cart charger like the Stanley GBCPRO Golf Cart Charger can also charge batteries of 6, 12, 24 and 36 volts.

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